Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Ultimate Pamper Routine

Once in a while, we all need to to take some time out and pamper ourselves! So this is my ultimate pamper routine that I would like to share with you all! 

Whether it's been a long, tiring day or whether it's just time to r e l a x, this is what I do to unwind, de-stress and chill out.

What you will need:
A face mask 
Body scrub 
Your favourite tea/coffee/hot chocolate
Fake tan (if you want that gloooow) 
Nail varnish/equipment
Pjs (preferably you're most comfortable old school tartan jammies) &a dressing gown 
Access to Netflix/Amazon Prime or a film 

Okay so first of all, i will run a bath and light the bathroom up with a billion candles to add to the ambiance, I'll add my favourite bubble bath which is currently Radox stress relief and watch the bubbles rise. 
Next up is face. I will cleanse using my Cetaphil Gentle Cleansers and a hot flannel to remove all my make up and grim, before applying my current favourite face mask, Byron Bay's Exfoliant and Mask.  

 I will now hope in my steaming hot bubble bath whilst trying not to poach myself from the heat and start to exfoliate. For this I use my Sanctuary As Good As New Body Scrub to get rid of old tan and dead skin cells, this scrub warms as you rub it into your skin, super relaxing. 

I tend to not wash my hair when I'm in the bath, I'll usually do it the day after in the shower so this bath is just for chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool. By this time, my face mask will have dried and it ready to be washed off to leave super soft and cleansed skin.


Once I'm done in the bath I will hop out, wrap up in a big fluffy towel (which has been warming on the radiator, of course) and head to my room to moisturise. I have recently started to tan after being too scared to end up like an clementine. However my friend recommended Bondi Sands so I gave it a go! (and I love it, it's so natural, it does not streak at all and it smells so good. Not at all like regular fake tan). So I usually just moisture my dry areas of skin so the tan doesn't build up too much, so these areas are my neck, my elbows and my knees. 


Once I'm done moisturising, I'll go ahead and apply my tan and slip on my old school pjs once the tan has had time to dry a little. 
Now onto nails. I actually do my own gel nails however if you don't have all of that equipment then use regular nail polish and go ahead and make your nails gorgeous! I usually opt for a dark purple or a nude pink, what's your go to colour?


After my nails are done, I will either curl up on the sofa or get into bed and open up Netflix on my iPad and binge watch a few episodes of Gilmore Girls with a hot cup of tea. If you haven't started watching this then you need to start! 


I hope this may have persuaded you to have a pamper night tonight, and if not then have one anyway because you deserve it! I also hope you have enjoyed this post and if you would like to see more posts like this then please comment below! 



  1. I love my DIY pampering days. Unfortunately I don't have a bath, but love taking long warm showers while using a body scrub. As well as light candles and watch my favorite movies in my PJs while having on a face mask.


    1. Body scrubs are my fav!! They relax me so much!! Xx

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  3. Sunday is my favourite day for a pamper day as I never have much planned, I loved having a whole afternoon to myself to just relax x

    Amy H | fleurdubelle.blogspot.co.uk x


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