Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Stress Free Travelling

Has anyone seen my passport!? You shout up the stairs as the taxi pulls up outside to take you to the airport. Just thinking about this kind of stress makes my head hurt. If this is you then keep reading my little travel bud as I am here to guide you as your travel guru to ensure your travelling experiences are as stress free as possible. 

Step 1: Print, gather and sort out all paper work and tickets you are going to need for your trip and put them into chronological order as to when you are going to need them. Keep them in a wallet to ensure they are all kept together and keep it in your bag or hand luggage. 

Step 2: Book a taxi or sort out your transfer arrangements to and from the airport a couple of weeks before hand. This will save you so much time and worry as you will know that at 4:30am you are going to be picked up with no worries and be on your way to the airport. 

Step 3: Pack efficiently. I try so hard to do this but I struggle so much. I either over pack or under pack..yes under packing is possible! You will only ever realise the struggle when you run out of knickers and you're only 4 days in to your trip. To pack efficiently you will need to plan ahead. Plan outfits and shoes ahead of your trip as this will mean you don't have to panic about outfits, you'll just know what top you're going to wear with what skirt and what shoes will make that outfit look banging. Oh and another tip, you can never have enough knickers..

Step 4: Ensure any liquids that are in your hand luggage are 100ml or under and in a clear plastic bag otherwise you will get your favourite perfume taken off you by airport security and it'll never be seen again. 

Step 5: No one wants this to ever happen to the, but unfortunately it does and it sucks. Two words. Lost luggage. Just in case this does happen, keep a spare top or change of clothes rolled up in your hand luggage along with a travel toothbrush and travel sized toiletries. If this misfortune does happen at least you know you have things with you that can comfort you until your problem is sorted. 

So by now, you should have have all the boring parts sorted and should be able to move on to the fun part of looking forward to your trip! Once you've packed your outfits, sorted your boarding passes and pre-booked transport to and from the airport, you can now breath knowing your trip will be peaceful and you will have no last minute panic as you have completed every pre holiday task beforehand. 

So get yourself to that airport, treat yourself in duty free and have a glass of bubbles. Have a fantastic trip and send me a postcard! 

Happy holidaying! 

F x 

If you are heading away somewhere nice then do leave me a comment so I can get jealous over your travels! 


  1. I know the stresses! I flew to the Philippines a few years ago and we almost missed our connecting flight as the plane was delayed leaving London and our luggage didn't make the connecting flight because of the quick turnaround and we were stuck for 2 days in the Philippines with nothing!!! So yes people, please pack SOS kits in your hand luggage!!

  2. This post is going to be so handy during the summer!

    Fran |

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