Monday, 23 January 2017

What's In My Handbag?!

I have so many handbags, my family have actually banned me from buying any more..I don't have the space or the money..! I am forever changing my handbag for different occasions, events, or just because I'm bored. Tote bags, clutch bags, over the shoulder bags, small bags, big bags, designer bags. I think I may have a problem but no way am I'm going to admit that..

Enough about the bag, let's talk about what's in the bag. 

Phone- I have an iPhone 6s Plus and have done for about 5 months now and I LOVE it. It is the perfect size, previously I had an iPhone 5s and I'd never go back to having a smaller phone. Along with my phone, I also have my headphones with me all the time, i am forever listening to the This Is How We Do playlist on Spotify..

Purse- My current purse is the Jimmy Choo Nino Purse in black. The gold hardware is beautiful and the leather is ridiculously soft. Best purse I've own yet. 

My survival kit- I have a little make up bag in my bag that goes with me wherever I go and is always with me. Mumma told me that you have always got to be prepared..So my survival kit contains; 
Migraine tablets just in case I ever had a sudden migraine attack, 
Spare contact lenses just in case my eyes ever pop out and I need a fresh lense,
A lenses pot to put my lenses in if I take them out and pop my glasses on, 
Elizabeth Arden 8 hour skin protectant which is my go to lip balm, 
Plasters (I have a tendency to buy shoes which cripple me so I am also in need of plasters to give my feet some comfort)
Clarins Lip Treatment in a baby pink, just in case I ever need a little pop of colour 
Hand cream for the winter when the harsh, cold air chaps my hands
Tissues because I am clumsy and I will spill something either down myself or on something

iPad- For Christmas, I was spoilt with an iPad Pro 9.7 inch and it hasn't left my side since! Read my 'what I got for Christmas' post here. 

Phone/iPad charger because you never know when your tech will need a boost.

My glasses for when I take my lenses out and am required to see something as I am pretty blind without them..!

Last but not least, my car keys! 

F x 

What do you have in your bag? Are you an over the shoulder type of girl or a tote bag kind of girl? Leave me a comment below! 

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