Friday, 6 January 2017

The City

A couple of days in the city; exploring, eating amazing food, winter markets, more food, the view from The Shard and getting lost on the tube..the getting lost part happened as soon as we stepped on the tube shown below..

The tallest building in Europe, The Shard. Now, being only 5ft3, I really did have to crane my neck to take in this exquisite building, as well as majorly stretching to be able to take this photo!

4:03pm and we can see some many of London's famous sites and buildings as well as little ant people scurrying around beneath us..

5:37pm and the sun is setting on this beautiful city. Just the lights from offices, homes and shops are visible now. 

WARNING- soppy section - WARNING

Last year on January 3rd, Connor and I met and went on out first date to Bill's in St Albans, and a year down the line, on the same day, we dined at Bill's in Clink Street.  

This big boy beefburger was such a challenge, but one I willingly accepted. I hope you are now understanding why earlier I stated there was food, food and more food..

You may be pleased to know we didn't get lost on this tube journey, my sense of direction served us well as we made our way to Westminster.

The Corinthia Hotel. Oh how I must save to stay here one day. What a beautiful exterior. 

As we stepped out of the tube station, we were greeted by this beautifully vidid fresh juice and smoothie van. Now I am a sucker for fresh juice, but not when it is only about 1 degree outside, so we opted for a cuppa instead. A wise choice if you ask me.  

This tea and coffee truck also has a story behind it. The last time Connor and I came to London, we took a stroll down the river and came across this truck, and, as you should know by now, I'm a tea person, we sat and warmed our hands up wrapping them around the take away cups. A tradition has been born here, tea by the river. How formal. 

After tea by the river, we wandered back up towards the south bank centre and had a look around their winter market which is held every January. Little wooden chalets are set up and independent stores sell their goods. From wooden toys to mulled wine, to cheese and chutney to waffles. And of course, we went for waffles. 

Little adventure like these, silly little traditions and spending time with my loved one is my favourite things to do, it's the small things in life that put a smile on my little face. 

I hope you've enjoyed reading about our little trip to the city, please comment below hotels in London to try out! I'm sure we will be making a return visit soon. 

F x 


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