Tuesday, 17 January 2017

How to : Zen in 6 steps

Okay first off, what the heck even is zen? The Cambridge dictionary defines Zen as the stage of being "relaxed and not worrying about things that you cannot change". I've decided to put together some tips on how to be zen as I think it's so important for us to take some time and put everything into perspective and just b r e a t h e.  

  1. Breath slowly and deeply. Take ujjayi breaths. This is a an ancient breathing technique which should help calm your mind.                        
  2. Take time out, for yourself. It's vital that in our lives, we take some time to just do what we need to do and focus on ourselves.
  3. Declutter. I've always been told that a tiny room is a tidy mind (I'm awful for not following my own advice by the way. My room=cluttered). By decluttering, you are not only making things look tidier around you but you are also decluttering, and tidying your mind too. 
  4. Get up earlier. You probably now hate me for saying that. But seriously. Getting up even just 15 minutes earlier than usual will help you so much. It will give you extra time to do whatever you want to do to ensure you aren't rushed. This could be just sitting and actually enjoying a cup of tea and not trying to down it as you put your make up on, or doing a quick workout to get you pumped for the rest of the day. It could even just be 15 minutes that you take to be mindful, which leads me to my next tip..
  5. Meditate. For years now I have used, on and off, the Headspace App. It's a 10 minute meditation session a day. You can even pay for the full version and choose which sessions you need. That may be that you're tired, or stressed or even just an SOS session to calm you down. Meditating has some really beneficial affects and can seriously help you to be zen.
  6. Take time to embrace the present. When you remember to do so, stop and embrace the present. Whatever you're doing and focus on a sight or a noise or a smell. This will help your mind refocus and relax. 
Try out these tips whenever you can. You can thank me later. I hope this has helped you and if so, please comment below as it would mean so much to me if I knew I had helped you :)


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