Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Afternoon Tea at Claridge's

Afternoon tea is the epitome of British culture, is it not? Well, yesterday I had the pleasure of dining in the Reading Room in Claridge's Hotel, feasting on scones and delicate little cakes, washing it all down copious amounts of tea from all over the world.

Menu cover 

Indoor Christmas Forest 

The entrance of Claridge's is beautiful with traditional black and white marbled floor, however as it is the festive season, an indoor forest has been set up just outside the entrance to the foyer. Large, pine Christmas trees line the indoor forest, each tree dusted with fake snow. An extraordinary Christmas tree is the centre piece of the foyer, just below the famous Chihuly chandelier.

THE Christmas Tree

I would class myself as a tea connoisseur and I was blown away by the variety presented on the 10 page tea menu. Malawi Antler was my favourite incase you were wondering, as well as it tasting incredible, it is a very rare tea, Claridge's being one of the two only places in the world to serve it. How could I have not of ordered it??

Iconic Claridge's colours. 

Tea? Check. Scones? Check. Fancy cakes? Check. 

Possibly too delicate to eat?

Malawi Antler

There are something's about finger sandwiches which fascinate me, 
1. what do they do with all the cut off crusts? (feed them to the birds? and 
2. why are such slight, delicate sandwiches so satisfying and so filling?

The Christmas afternoon tea sandwich selection was gorgeous. Smoked salmon, turkey and cranberry, egg and cress, cucumber and cream cheese and ham with a clove infused chutney sandwich. Me being me, cheekily asked for extra cucumber and cream cheese sandwiches to take home and feast on once I was home. Turkey and cranberry sandwiches have never tasted so good.. or maybe that was the rose prosecco..

Finger sandwiches

The scones and clotted cream were probably the highlight of the afternoon. Mini scones with lashings of clotted cream.. mmm mmm. I am so glad my doggy bag included some scones along with every type of cake we had. Ginger and lemon cake, chocolate orange cake, frangipane tart and hazelnut macaroons...*dribbling on my keyboard as we speak*. 

Our waitress, Gabriella, was incredible yesterday. She really made our visit and was so kind and looked after my family and I brilliantly. As we got up to leave, Gabriella brought each of us out a doggy bag, containing the reminiscence of our food that we couldn't manage due to filling up on sandwiches and tea, as well as a little box of hand make fudge. 

I cannot express my love for yesterday's visit enough, I hope to plan a return visit soon!  

Christmas Ice Cream

 F x


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