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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Natural World - Coconut Water Range

After a good few years of searching for a range of hair care products that would do my hair some good, I finally found my holy grail! I reckon, over the years, I've probably tried just about every range of products there is out there..this is a very tiring process let me tell you. This is why I am absolutely over the moon that I have found some product that work for me and make my hair happy. 

A few weeks ago, I attended #BlogconLND where Natural World had a stand and were talking about their products. I went and spoke to one of their representatives who asked me about my hair type, which, for your information, is naturally curly, frizzy and dry due to previous bleaching disasters and hair dying mishaps, (from blonde, to brown to pink to bleached back to natural) and breathe.. the representative recommended the Coconut Water range for my hair. 


The lovely PR people over at Natural World sent me their whole 
Coconut Water range which includes their shampoo, conditioner and weightless hair oil. The shampoo and conditioner are made up of 95% natural products and a blend of 5 essential oils which include, rosemary, lemongrass, orange, ylang ylang and cedar wood. Both the shampoo and conditioner are extremely thirst quenching with is perfect for my dry locks. Every products from this range includes certified organic coconut extract which means they smell, well, insane. 
After I have washed my hair, I smooth through some of the weightless oil which controls my frizz and leaves my hair silky soft and smelling damn good. All of these products are made in Soho London and can be found on the Natural World website. 

I seriously recommend this range of products for anyone with hair like mine which also tangles easily. If you have regular fights with the knots in your hair then let these products help you out. 

F x 

*this post was sponsored by the amazing people over at Natural World. 


Friday, 31 March 2017

Spring Time Breakfast Smoothie

Now it's starting to look a little more like summer, it's time to take full advantage of the fresh fruit that's coming into season by blending it up into one delicious (and super healthy) breakfast smoothie! 


I have collaborated with Indigo Herbs to bring you my super easy breakfast smoothie recipe. 

When I say it's super easy, I really mean it. You will need:
-Indigo Nutrition Organic Supergreens Powder 
-a juice of your choice (I went for orange juice) 
-any of your favourite fruits (I went for a mixture of berries) 
-a blender 
-ice (optional, only add if you want it super cold and bit thicker) 


Now I cheated for the fruits *holds up hands* and I went for the pre frozen berries from Waitrose. Now usually, I will go out and buy a load of fresh fruit and spend a good hour peeling, cutting, portioning and freezing so I can just pull out whatever fruit I'm in the mood for and blend away. However lately I haven't been so organised..

So, let's get down the the method:

1. Throw about 2 handfuls of your chosen fruit into your blender along with about a cup of your chosen juice
2. Measure out half a tsp of Indigo Nutrition Supergreens and add it to the blender
3. If you are adding ice, then this is where you will want to add that in too
4. Now pop on the lid and blend blend blend
5. Once your smoothie is looking thoroughly blended and smooth, pour into a glass and voilà! 


So why exactly am I adding in the Organic Supergreens Powder you ask? Good question. Well firstly the Supergreens contains a high amount of antioxidant vitamins and minerals which are so important for healthy body development. Also, I am so bad at getting enough vitamins and minerals so this powder makes it ridiculously easy as I know that if I add a couple of teaspoons of this powder into my diet a day, I'll be good to go. Supergreens also contains a wide range of B spectrum vitamins. B vitamins help with fatigue (I need plenty I am always so sleepy!) as well as helping you maintain healthy nerves and cells! 


So the real question is, why aren't you adding in Supergreens? 

This smoothie is such a good way to start off your day as it's hydrating as well as being full of all that healthy good stuff. A smoothie and a bowl on granola and yoghurt is my breakie sorted! 

What's your favourite breakfast right now? 

I hope you've enjoyed reading this post and please tag me in any pictures you are posting about your breakfast smoothies! Give me some more flavour inspo! 

F x

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*this post is sponsored by Indigo Herbs


Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Ultimate Pamper Routine

Once in a while, we all need to to take some time out and pamper ourselves! So this is my ultimate pamper routine that I would like to share with you all! 

Whether it's been a long, tiring day or whether it's just time to r e l a x, this is what I do to unwind, de-stress and chill out.

What you will need:
A face mask 
Body scrub 
Your favourite tea/coffee/hot chocolate
Fake tan (if you want that gloooow) 
Nail varnish/equipment
Pjs (preferably you're most comfortable old school tartan jammies) &a dressing gown 
Access to Netflix/Amazon Prime or a film 

Okay so first of all, i will run a bath and light the bathroom up with a billion candles to add to the ambiance, I'll add my favourite bubble bath which is currently Radox stress relief and watch the bubbles rise. 
Next up is face. I will cleanse using my Cetaphil Gentle Cleansers and a hot flannel to remove all my make up and grim, before applying my current favourite face mask, Byron Bay's Exfoliant and Mask.  

 I will now hope in my steaming hot bubble bath whilst trying not to poach myself from the heat and start to exfoliate. For this I use my Sanctuary As Good As New Body Scrub to get rid of old tan and dead skin cells, this scrub warms as you rub it into your skin, super relaxing. 

I tend to not wash my hair when I'm in the bath, I'll usually do it the day after in the shower so this bath is just for chillin' out maxin' relaxin' all cool. By this time, my face mask will have dried and it ready to be washed off to leave super soft and cleansed skin.


Once I'm done in the bath I will hop out, wrap up in a big fluffy towel (which has been warming on the radiator, of course) and head to my room to moisturise. I have recently started to tan after being too scared to end up like an clementine. However my friend recommended Bondi Sands so I gave it a go! (and I love it, it's so natural, it does not streak at all and it smells so good. Not at all like regular fake tan). So I usually just moisture my dry areas of skin so the tan doesn't build up too much, so these areas are my neck, my elbows and my knees. 


Once I'm done moisturising, I'll go ahead and apply my tan and slip on my old school pjs once the tan has had time to dry a little. 
Now onto nails. I actually do my own gel nails however if you don't have all of that equipment then use regular nail polish and go ahead and make your nails gorgeous! I usually opt for a dark purple or a nude pink, what's your go to colour?


After my nails are done, I will either curl up on the sofa or get into bed and open up Netflix on my iPad and binge watch a few episodes of Gilmore Girls with a hot cup of tea. If you haven't started watching this then you need to start! 


I hope this may have persuaded you to have a pamper night tonight, and if not then have one anyway because you deserve it! I also hope you have enjoyed this post and if you would like to see more posts like this then please comment below! 


Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Spring Make Up Collab

So I've teamed up with the lovely Kate to put together a spring Make Up look for you! 

For me, spring Make Up is light and neutral. So I've stuck to using browns and I've added a pop of colour on the lips to brighten it up, because well, it is spring! 


This is the first time I've used my Coco Chanel lipstick and I am so impressed! It smells Devine and it's so hydrating! 

For my base I used:
 Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation in 1N1
Collection lasting perfection concealer in 1 Light 
Rimmel pressed powder in translucent 
ABH Cream Contour in Java 
Laura Mercier Baked Powder in bronze 01 
Bare Minerals Invisible Light highlighter in Glow

ABH Brow wiz in Medium Brown 
Maybelline Brow Drama in Medium Brown 

Zoeva Naturally Yours palette in shades Pure (all over the lid) , Smooth Harmony (on the inner 2/3 of the lid), Slow Dance (in the out 3rd) and First Love (to highlight under my Brow bone)! 
L'Oréal Volume Million Lash Mascara 
Eylure Lashes Fleur de Force in Simply Fleur (thank you Eylure for sending me these!) 

Coco Channel Lipstick in Madamoiselle 


I hope you like this look! I really liked how the eyeshadow on the lid has a slight gold glisten to it! So beautiful.

Be sure to check out Kate and her post! 

Twitter - @katerosebeauty
Blog - 
Instagram - itskaterosee

I have also filmed this look and it will be up on my channel soon so keep your eyes peeled! 
If you would like to see more blog posts on make up looks then please leave a comment below! 

What is you're go to spring look? 

F xxx

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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Stress Free Travelling

Has anyone seen my passport!? You shout up the stairs as the taxi pulls up outside to take you to the airport. Just thinking about this kind of stress makes my head hurt. If this is you then keep reading my little travel bud as I am here to guide you as your travel guru to ensure your travelling experiences are as stress free as possible. 

Step 1: Print, gather and sort out all paper work and tickets you are going to need for your trip and put them into chronological order as to when you are going to need them. Keep them in a wallet to ensure they are all kept together and keep it in your bag or hand luggage. 

Step 2: Book a taxi or sort out your transfer arrangements to and from the airport a couple of weeks before hand. This will save you so much time and worry as you will know that at 4:30am you are going to be picked up with no worries and be on your way to the airport. 

Step 3: Pack efficiently. I try so hard to do this but I struggle so much. I either over pack or under pack..yes under packing is possible! You will only ever realise the struggle when you run out of knickers and you're only 4 days in to your trip. To pack efficiently you will need to plan ahead. Plan outfits and shoes ahead of your trip as this will mean you don't have to panic about outfits, you'll just know what top you're going to wear with what skirt and what shoes will make that outfit look banging. Oh and another tip, you can never have enough knickers..

Step 4: Ensure any liquids that are in your hand luggage are 100ml or under and in a clear plastic bag otherwise you will get your favourite perfume taken off you by airport security and it'll never be seen again. 

Step 5: No one wants this to ever happen to the, but unfortunately it does and it sucks. Two words. Lost luggage. Just in case this does happen, keep a spare top or change of clothes rolled up in your hand luggage along with a travel toothbrush and travel sized toiletries. If this misfortune does happen at least you know you have things with you that can comfort you until your problem is sorted. 

So by now, you should have have all the boring parts sorted and should be able to move on to the fun part of looking forward to your trip! Once you've packed your outfits, sorted your boarding passes and pre-booked transport to and from the airport, you can now breath knowing your trip will be peaceful and you will have no last minute panic as you have completed every pre holiday task beforehand. 

So get yourself to that airport, treat yourself in duty free and have a glass of bubbles. Have a fantastic trip and send me a postcard! 

Happy holidaying! 

F x 

If you are heading away somewhere nice then do leave me a comment so I can get jealous over your travels! 

Monday, 23 January 2017

What's In My Handbag?!

I have so many handbags, my family have actually banned me from buying any more..I don't have the space or the money..! I am forever changing my handbag for different occasions, events, or just because I'm bored. Tote bags, clutch bags, over the shoulder bags, small bags, big bags, designer bags. I think I may have a problem but no way am I'm going to admit that..

Enough about the bag, let's talk about what's in the bag. 

Phone- I have an iPhone 6s Plus and have done for about 5 months now and I LOVE it. It is the perfect size, previously I had an iPhone 5s and I'd never go back to having a smaller phone. Along with my phone, I also have my headphones with me all the time, i am forever listening to the This Is How We Do playlist on Spotify..

Purse- My current purse is the Jimmy Choo Nino Purse in black. The gold hardware is beautiful and the leather is ridiculously soft. Best purse I've own yet. 

My survival kit- I have a little make up bag in my bag that goes with me wherever I go and is always with me. Mumma told me that you have always got to be prepared..So my survival kit contains; 
Migraine tablets just in case I ever had a sudden migraine attack, 
Spare contact lenses just in case my eyes ever pop out and I need a fresh lense,
A lenses pot to put my lenses in if I take them out and pop my glasses on, 
Elizabeth Arden 8 hour skin protectant which is my go to lip balm, 
Plasters (I have a tendency to buy shoes which cripple me so I am also in need of plasters to give my feet some comfort)
Clarins Lip Treatment in a baby pink, just in case I ever need a little pop of colour 
Hand cream for the winter when the harsh, cold air chaps my hands
Tissues because I am clumsy and I will spill something either down myself or on something

iPad- For Christmas, I was spoilt with an iPad Pro 9.7 inch and it hasn't left my side since! Read my 'what I got for Christmas' post here. 

Phone/iPad charger because you never know when your tech will need a boost.

My glasses for when I take my lenses out and am required to see something as I am pretty blind without them..!

Last but not least, my car keys! 

F x 

What do you have in your bag? Are you an over the shoulder type of girl or a tote bag kind of girl? Leave me a comment below! 

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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

How to : Zen in 6 steps

Okay first off, what the heck even is zen? The Cambridge dictionary defines Zen as the stage of being "relaxed and not worrying about things that you cannot change". I've decided to put together some tips on how to be zen as I think it's so important for us to take some time and put everything into perspective and just b r e a t h e.  

  1. Breath slowly and deeply. Take ujjayi breaths. This is a an ancient breathing technique which should help calm your mind.                        
  2. Take time out, for yourself. It's vital that in our lives, we take some time to just do what we need to do and focus on ourselves.
  3. Declutter. I've always been told that a tiny room is a tidy mind (I'm awful for not following my own advice by the way. My room=cluttered). By decluttering, you are not only making things look tidier around you but you are also decluttering, and tidying your mind too. 
  4. Get up earlier. You probably now hate me for saying that. But seriously. Getting up even just 15 minutes earlier than usual will help you so much. It will give you extra time to do whatever you want to do to ensure you aren't rushed. This could be just sitting and actually enjoying a cup of tea and not trying to down it as you put your make up on, or doing a quick workout to get you pumped for the rest of the day. It could even just be 15 minutes that you take to be mindful, which leads me to my next tip..
  5. Meditate. For years now I have used, on and off, the Headspace App. It's a 10 minute meditation session a day. You can even pay for the full version and choose which sessions you need. That may be that you're tired, or stressed or even just an SOS session to calm you down. Meditating has some really beneficial affects and can seriously help you to be zen.
  6. Take time to embrace the present. When you remember to do so, stop and embrace the present. Whatever you're doing and focus on a sight or a noise or a smell. This will help your mind refocus and relax. 
Try out these tips whenever you can. You can thank me later. I hope this has helped you and if so, please comment below as it would mean so much to me if I knew I had helped you :)


F x 

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